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We are proud to offer a window into a selection of web sites for a glimpse at some of the art produced by professional, contemporary artists who use Tri-Art acrylic paints and mediums as part of their creative process. Gallery Coming Soon! Please email to submit your art.

Susan Johnston - Left: Hydrangeas 16"x40"
Right: Eve's Vision 8.5" x 10"
acrylic and mixed media on board

Budan, Mandy
Chen, Danny Han-Lin
Drapell, Joseph
Feist, Harold
Fischer, Marion
Garrett, Anne
Handley, Joanne
Harris, Drew
Haynes, Heather
Hoey, Timothy
Hook, Elva
Hoste, Laurens
Jenné, Kevin
Johnston, Susan
Krabbendam, Jeanne
Mancino, Shirley
McCabe, Claudia
Meharg, Johanna
Morris, Connie
Murphy, Kat
Murphy, Kat
Oretsky, Barry
Pennycook, Bob
Reid, Peter John
Richards, Lori
Tauchid, Rheni
Teichert, Alice
Waugh, Eric
White, Mary Louise
Wallace, Victoria
Wolanska, Julita
Wood, Sharlena
Vézina, Mireille

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