painting Quiller Complementary Colour Chart

Stephen Quiller is an internationally known painter, best recognized for his use of colour, written books and developed colour theory "Quiller Wheel".

This reference tool combines Stephen’s “Quiller Wheel” complementary colours with Tri-Art’s Finest Quality Acrylic colours for the most accurate analogous, complementary and triad mixes. Designed for artists interested in enhancing their use of color for optimum color balance, harmonious bold and muted colour relationships, and mixing versatile neutral and semi-neutral colours.

quiller complementary colour chart
This chart references Tri-Art’s Finest Quality High Viscosity and Liquid Acrylic colours. Colours marked with the blue dot are only available in the Tri-Art Finest Quality High Viscosity line. For further instruction on Stephen Quiller’s colour theory, refer to the ‘Quiller Wheel’ available at your local Art Store.

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