Tri-Art Finest Quality

Tri-Art Finest Quality Acrylics are premium quality artist paints designed to satisfy the most discerning artists. Tri-Art finest quality high viscosity, liquid, ink and airbrush acrylic lines contain only the highest quality colour pigments which have been selected for purity and lighfastness. All Tri-Art acrylics are manufactured with 100% pure acrylic emulsion. New colours, with drastically improved permanence, have been chosen to mimic the rich, transparent hues of older lake pigments. All colours have very good to excellent resistance to fading. As with other Tri-Art acrylics, each colour in the line has been formulated to achieve the maximum pigment concentration and colour strength consistent with good handling properties and stability. Because no fillers or extenders are used in Tri-Art Acrylics, most colours dry to a natural gloss while those with larger pigment particles create a more satin finish.

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True Colour

Truecolour is a high quality artist paint at a surprisingly reasonable price. This line is aimed at the budget conscious...

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The first choice in student acrylic paints. The creators of Tri-Art Artist Acrylic colours bring you Rheotech Acrylics, the paint line...

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Art Noise

After 12 years of making world class artist acrylic paint, Tri-Art Manufacturing is going back to school.

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Solucryl is the definitive educational paint. Priced to fit neatly into any budget, this economical...

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Introducing Spectral Colour, the fresh, flashy, totally contemporary colour explosion!

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Made with 100% recycled pigments harvested from our washing process.

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Oil Mediums

Tri-Art’s Alkali Refined Linseed Oil is a very pure, highly refined artist quality linseed oil. It provides an ideal grinding vehicle...

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The Tri-Art non-stick palette, easy to clean and practical, an essential addition to your acrylic painting equipment.

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