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Tri-Art is very excited to introduce 16 new colours in our Finest Quality line of High Viscosity and Liquid acrylic paints.

Tri-Art Finest Quality Liquid Acrylics provide the artist with a self leveling, fluid paint ideal for high detail, glazing and watercolour-like techniques, without sacrificing colour strength or permanence.

This 83 colour line contains only the highest quality colour pigments which have been selected for purity and lightfastness. All Tri-Art acrylics are manufactured with 100% pure acrylic emulsion. New colours, with drastically improved permanence, have been chosen to mimic the rich, transparent hues of older lake pigments.

All colours have very good to excellent resistance to fading. As with other Tri-Art acrylics, each colour in the line has been formulated to achieve the maximum pigment concentration and colour strength consistent with good handling properties and stability. Because no fillers or extenders are used in Tri-Art acrylics, most colours dry to a natural gloss while those with larger pigment particles create a more satin finish.

These colours will not separate or settle in the jar and can be readily mixed with Tri-Art mediums at any ratio or with up to 50% water for increased transparency and economy. The paint film dries to a flexible, water fast and lightfast finish.

The adhesive and water fast nature of Tri-Art Liquid Acrylics makes them an obvious choice for painting and printing on fabric. They are the perfect medium for both professional and student. No expense has been spared in the production of this artists acrylic of unsurpassed quality.

Directions for use:

All Tri-Art products are compatible with each other and can be mixed or interchanged according to the artist’s desired technique. To thin use Tri-Art Acrylic Mediums, or water. Do not mix with oils, mineral spirits or turpentine. Tri-Art acrylics will adhere very well to most surfaces. Adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces will be improved if roughened first with sandpaper or steel wool. Tri-Art acrylic will not adhere well to oily or greasy surfaces. Keep brushes and tools wet during use and clean with soap and water after use.

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