Artist Interviews

Artist Interview: Janna Watson

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

I am an abstract painter that lives and works in Toronto.  I graduated from OCAD in 2008 and soon after signed with Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto & Vancouver.  Since then, I have built relationships with my seven dealers across North America and abroad.

My practise over the last 10 years has really been a process of self reflection. I am always looking to develop and challenge my techniques, and to understand the relationship of colour, as well as its relationship to the world. My foundation comes from spontaneity, intuition and materiality, and how these basic fundamentals explore the psychology of colour.

There is a “becoming” about painting that I deeply relate to. The quality of pigments and texture is pivotal to my work and that is why I use Tri-Art paint. Certain brands of paint in the last 10 years have changed their quality and even diminished the saturation of pigment in some of my most used colours. But I have discovered from my own experimentation that Tri-Art’s quality has always remained the same. The materiality of paint is one of the key factors to my success. I am now represented across North America and abroad.

I live with my cat named White Cat, my dog named Anouk, and my fiance Pamela.  I own a rug design company, Studio Watson, that is dedicated to redefining interiors with hand-tufted floor pieces inspired by my favourite paintings. My greatest inspiration in life is colour.

Painting by Janna Watson, Fly Horise

Fly Horsie!, Janna Watson