Art Accessories and Surfaces

Find that extra something for your studio from our growing selections of paint accessories.

alu panels and a book in dynamic poses
linseed soap in a clear tube

Linseed Soap

Cleans and conditions all of your artist brushes. Clean all types of brush hair as well as your hands, floors, work surfaces and just about anything else that needs cleaning! 100% natural, non-toxic and low odour properties allow for a greener studio and well-cared for artist tools. Keep your accessories and tools clean.

Note: Temperature will affect the physical state of the soap. It will soften and liquify when exposed to higher temperatures. This change in state does not affect performance.

a grouping of surfaces accessories falling on-top of each other

Surfaces and Palettes

A variety of surfaces, find your ideal working surface. All surfaces and palettes available in multiple sizes.

  • Bamboo Panels
  • Alu Panels
  • Non-Stick Palettes
  • Canvas and Stretcher Bars
two sizes of bamboo panels

Bamboo Panels

  • Ideal rigid surface for all paint media.
  • Ready to display, grooved hanger on all 4 sides.
  • Will not warp.
two sizes of alu panels one in a square shape the other a circle

Alu Panels

  • Ideal art surface.
  • Light-weight non-warping.
  • Use for all paint formats.
  • Great for paint pour, encaustic, and more.
non stick palettes, one is a rectangle, the other is a traditional artist palette shape

Non-Stick Palettes

  • Reusable surface.
  • Paint will not adhere permanently.
  • Dry paint will peel or scrape away.
  • Available in extra-large sizes.


Stretched Canvas

two sizes of stretched canvas, one primed with white gesso the other is unprimed
two booklets of artist canvas pads

Canvas Pads

An 10 oz. eco blend, made with 50% hemp and 50% cotton. Available in two sizes, 9″ x 12″ and 11″ x 17″. Double primed with titanium white gesso. Suitable for acrylic, oils, and mixed media.

a hard cover book copy of mediums and methods by rheni tauchid

Acrylic Painting Mediums and Methods

By Rhéni Tauchid

Rhéni is an artist, author and materials consultant for Tri-Art. Her books features Tri-Art paints, mediums and surfaces. This is Rhéni’s third published book. A reference guide for today’s artist, to inspire and shed light on contemporary materials, techniques and applications.