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A reformulated acrylic printing ink for block and screen printing. More tack and open time for printing processes.

a trio of ink colours in jars.
Available Sizes

150 mL • 250 mL • 500 mL

A water-based printing ink.

Use for block printing with linoleum and wood as well as screen printing.

a tube of hansa yellow light ink

Vibrant colours for everyone.

Impression Inks are easy to work with and offer excellent coverage. Use straight out of the tube or use with the Clear Gloss Modifier to extend, increase transparency, and sheen.

If a change in consistency is desired, gel medium, polymer mediums, or water can be added to add thickness or thinness to the ink.


Hansa Yellow Light

PY 3

Hansa Yellow Deep

PY 65

Naphthol Orange

PY 65 PR 112

Naphthol Red

PR 170


Primary Magenta

PR 122 PR 170 PW 6

Magenta Light

PW 6 PR 122

Brilliant Purple

PW 6 PV 19 PV 23

Dioxazine Violet

PV 23

Cerulean Blue Hue

PW 6 PB 15:3

Phthalo Blue

PB 15:3

Phthalo Turquoise Light

PW 6 PG 7 PB 15:3

Phthalo Green

PG 7

Lime Green

PW 6 PY 83 PG 7

Burnt Sienna

PR 101 PBk 7

Burnt Umber

PBr 7

Titanium White

PW 6

Light Grey

PW 6 PBr 7 PBk 11

Dark Grey

PW 6

Carbon Black

PBk 7


Coated Mica


Coated Mica


Coated Mica


Coated Mica