F.Q. Line

Low Viscosity

Water-like and free flowing allowing for very fine strokes. It is a potent jar of highly pigmented, lightfast colours ideal for mixed media and fine art applications.

set of low viscosity paints with twist nozzle tops.
Available Sizes

34 mL

red paint on a brush

On the brush.

The thinnest in consistency of the Finest Quality Acrylic paint lines. Low viscosity is water-like and free‑flowing without bleeding on surfaces.

a red low viscosity paint swatch


Extremely versatile and suitable for fine-detailed brush work, large washes, glazing, multimedia and airbrush applications.

red paint splashed over a glossy piece of paper

On the surface.

Suited but not limited to: Fabric, glass, canvas, wood panels, paper, leather, metal, plastic – any surface prepared for water-based paints.

What makes these F.Q. lines special?

Each colour has been formulated with the highest-grade pigments and binders to achieve the maximum concentration and colour strength. No fillers or extenders are used allowing for authentic pigment characteristics and colour chroma. The colour’s gloss, satin or matte finish as well as opacity and transparency will also be dictated by their pigment content. All colours have very good to excellent resistance to fading.