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Oil Mediums

Oil mediums are designed to enhance both the characteristics of the colours and painting processes as well as maximizing individual creative vision.

safflower wax in a black container and stand oil in a cylinder

Traditional Mediums

Available Sizes

120 mL • 250 mL • 500 mL • 1 L • 2 L • 3.78 L • 16 L 

trio of oil mediums in a line
alkali refined linseed oil in a cylinder

Alkali Refined Linseed Oil

Alkali Refined Linseed Oil is a very pure, highly refined artist quality linseed oil.

stand oil in a cylinder

Stand Oil

Stand Oil is a thicker processed form of linseed oil with a slower drying time and a superior resistance to yellowing and darkening.

cobalt drier in a cylinder

Cobalt Drier

Tri-Art Cobalt Drier significantly accelerates the drying time of oil paints. This drier is very potent and should be used sparingly.

safflower oil in a cylinder

Safflower Oil

Lightest in colour, Safflower Oil is used for mixing with light colours and for wet on wet applications.

d-limonene in a cylinder


D-limonene is a safe substitute for harsh chemical thinners.


ECO Oil Mediums

 All are solvent-free and come from natural, renewable sources. Each has its own unique flow when mixed with colours. These technical grade drying oils may be used with oil colour for extending, reducing viscosity, glazing techniques or as a mixing media. 



Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

A drying oil obtained by pressing hemp seeds. Hemp Oil is the darkest of our oils. It is greener in colour than the other oils. When mixed with light colours a greenish hue may result. 

An Eco Medium

sunflower oil in a cylinder

Sunflower Oil

Made by compressing sunflower seeds Tri-Art’s Sunflower Oil is very clear in colour, similar to safflower oil but lighter.

An Eco Medium

Tung Oil

Tung Oil

Made by pressing the nut of the tung tree. Tung Oil has historical applications in house paint. Tung Oil dries hard and glossy and does not darken noticeably with age. It should be used in thin applications on hard substrates to avoid cracking due to the strain of a flexing surface.

An Eco Medium




alkyd oil in a cylinder

Alkyd Oil

Alkyd is a semi synthetic polymer which significantly accelerates the drying time of oil colours.

Alkyd Oil

A thickened gel version of the Alkyd Medium. It significantly accelerates the drying time of  colours without losing all of their viscosity.

odourless solvent in a cylinder

Odourless Solvent

Odourless Solvent is a virtually scent-free, mild, pure mineral spirit that has had the maximum amount of the harmful aromatic solvents removed.

orange scented thinner in a cylinder

Orange Scented Thinner

Orange Scented Thinner is a very mild, pure mineral spirit with a light orange fragrance which can be used for thinning oil paints and mediums, cleaning brushes and painting tools.

dammar varnish glossy in a cylinder

Damar Varnish

Dammar Varnish is a traditional, soft varnish used to unify luster (gloss or matte), increase colour saturation, protect the painted surface and allow for ease of future cleaning.

liquid white oil in a cylinder

Liquid White Oil

Liquid White Oil is a fluid, highly pigmented white oil paint made from the highest grade Titanium pigment and pure, alkali refined safflower oil.

Eco Waxes

Our Cold Waxes are solvent free mediums. They are made with naturally bleached beeswax and safflower, sunflower, or hemp oil. All are paste-like in consistency. Mix with Oil colours in a ratio of 30-50% to extend and thicken paints. If applying thickly, a rigid surface is recommended to avoid cracking. All may be thinned to a more liquid state by adding Tri-Art’s fluid ECO Oils.

trio of eco cold wax oil mediums in a line
Available Sizes

120 mL

eco cold wax hemp oil medium in a black container

Eco Hemp Wax

Sunflower Wax is the lightest and very clear in colour. Made by compressing sunflower seeds. An ideal oil medium to use with light colours such as whites and yellows.

eco cold wax safflower oil medium in a black container

Eco Safflower Wax

Safflower Wax is slightly darker than Sunflower Wax. Also a good medium to use with light colours.

eco cold wax sunflower oil medium in a black container

Eco Sunflower Wax

Sunflower Wax is the lightest and very clear in colour. Made by compressing sunflower seeds. An ideal oil medium to use with light colours such as whites and yellows.

Eco Accessories

linseed soap in a clear tube

Linseed Soap

Cleans and conditions all of your artist brushes. Clean all types of brush hair as well as your hands, floors, work surfaces and just about anything else that needs cleaning! 100% natural, non-toxic and low odour properties allow for a greener studio and well-cared for artist tools.

Note: Temperature will affect the physical state of the soap. It will soften and liquify when exposed to higher temperatures. This change in state does not affect performance.