Academic Level

Primary Liquid Acrylic

Tri-Art’s primary liquid acrylic line consists of 10 brilliant colours. The colours are created by using real pigments, have very vibrant chroma and are excellent for colour mixing.

trio of primary liquid acrylic paints in cylinders
Available Sizes

500 mL • 2 L

orange primary liquid acrylic paint on a dotted blue background

A liquid acrylic paint for beginners.

Colours are formulated with real pigments to have vibrant chroma once dry. A selection of 10 colours for mixing and opaque coverage. All dry matte and are water permanent once dry. The paints have very low odour, will not bottom settle and have an increased resistance to cracking and chipping from surfaces


Autumn Orange

Cloud White

Earth Brown

Leaf Green

Lightning Purple

Midnight Black

Ocean Blue

Planet Blue

Sunset Red

Sunshine Yellow