Specialty Line

UVFX Black Light

UVFX is a selection of reformatted black light poster paint, featuring the latest in product innovation for fluorescent technology. The results are colours of uncompromising performance for colour brilliance and stability.

glowing uvfx blue and yellow paint cylinders
Available Sizes

120 mL • 250 mL • 500 mL •  1 L • 2 L

a trio of uvfx paint in blue, orange, and green

Eco Pigments

We have sourced eco pigments that are non-toxic, free of chemicals of concern such as formaldehyde and heavy metals as well as being produced using recycled content.

Increased Brilliance

The remastered UVFX colours are more potent, with increased brilliance when exposed to UV light and day glow. The Glow in The Dark has increased brightness and a longer charge cycle.

glowing uvfx paint splatter under a black light



Fluorescent Blue

Fluorescent Green

Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Pink

Fluorescent Red

Fluorescent Tangerine

Fluorescent Violet

Fluorescent Yellow

Glow in the Dark