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This collection of pigments combines intense colour chroma with superior transparency, opacity, and unsurpassed light performance formatted into watercolours.

yellow, orange, and red watercolours in a line in pan format
Available Sizes

22 mL Tube • 4 mL Pan

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a paint brush stain orange from watercolours use

On the brush.

Available in liquid (tubes) and solid form (pans).  The liquid format is paste-like when dispersed from the tube. Once water is added it becomes fluid and mixes the same as the colour pans.

a swatch of orange watercolour paint


For studio and travel. Dry pans for portability and plein air excursions. Liquid form for large-scale mixes and to create personalized watercolour pans.

a dollop of orange watercolour paint with undertones

On the surface.

Suited but not limited to: Heavy weight and durable paper, cold press, hot press watercolour paper, any surface prepared with Tri-Art’s watercolour ground medium.

watercolours in multiple formats pans and tubes

Available in two formats.

The liquid format allows for larger-scale colour mixes and to make personalized pans of watercolours.


Watercolour Mediums

Available Sizes

60 mL • 120 mL • 250 mL • 500 mL • 1 L

masking fluid in different size jars
cold press watercolour ground in a jar

Cold Press Watercolour Ground

A medium for creating grounds for watercolour applications, with the appearance and feel of cold press paper. The surface can handle more water and scrubbing without surface lift or beading. Flexible when dry.

masking fluid in a jar

Masking Fluid

Masking fluid is easy to apply and rub off once dry. Apply to areas that would be too complex to paint around or are to be protected from receiving paint.

watercolour gum acacia medium in a jar

Gum Acacia

Gum Acacia is the binder for the paints, as a painting medium it complements the colours, enhances their chroma and increases the flow and adhesion of the paint to the surface.