Tri-Art and the environment.

We are a company that has always been committed to being both environmentally conscious and responsible.

A jar of tri-art pete plastic paint medium.
a newly in-house made tube for paint

In-house product packaging.

Our packaging is comprised of up to 30% re-grinded plastic.

We are have designed and are now producing our own packaging on site. This change effects every single tube, bottle, jar and cap, in all sizes, for all lines. Our new packaging uses less materials and is far more efficient on every level possible.

a scoop holding a large amount of recycled pete plastic

Raw Materials

Tri-Art makes its raw materials purchases in North America as much as possible. In some cases this is a more expensive decision, but one that we feel is necessary.

Our water filtration system.

One of the most extensive initiatives Tri-Art has implemented is our water filtration system. The production of acrylic paint requires a significant quantity of water and also produces a large amount of wastewater (grey water) with the clean up. We have developed a process to reuse and recycle our grey water for the cleaning of our equipment.