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Cracked Glaze Effect House

Cracked Glaze Effect on Tiny House

House painted and displaying cracked effects

Art Noise Permanent Acrylic Gouache paints
Tri-Art’s Crackle Ground Acrylic Medium

Tri-Art’s Liquid Iridescent Copper
Nylon brush (1/2 or 1”)
Wooden 3D puzzle house

Prime and paint house surface with gesso or  Art Noise paint. This will be the colour revealed between the cracks once the Crackle Ground dries.

Allow to dry before adding Crackle Ground Medium.

Apply Crackle Ground onto one side (surface) at a time. Surfaces must be horizontal or the medium will run off the surface. Apply a generous amount by pouring and then tilt the surface to spread or pour and spread with a brush. Using a small cup to pour gives more control. If using brush, very light pressured strokes must be used or the cracks will not happen. Let each side dry before adding the medium to other sides. 

Once dry the primed house colour will be revealed in the cracks. Paint may be applied over the white Crackle Ground. This should be done in light coats with either a brush or rag to avoid filling in the cracks with paint.

Applying paint in mutiple thin layers, glazing, dry brushing and blending techniques will accentuate the cracks and enhance the glazed effects.