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Sticks for Sculptural Display

Gold sticks in vase

Elevate the presence of sticks by painting and enhancing their sculptural form and  lines.

Featured Tri-Art Materials:                  F.Q. Burnt Umber Gesso
F.Q. Liquid Iridescent Gold Deep
F.Q. Liquid Naphthol Red
F.Q. = Finest Quality 

Other Materials:
Dried sticks or driftwood
Paint Brush

Prepare the sticks by clearing away debris and grit with a dry brush.
Paint the areas that will be covered with paint with Burnt Umber Gesso. This will seal and act as an absorbent ground to compliment the Iridescent Gold.

Once the Gesso is dry,  Iridescent Gold and accent colours. Use dry brush technique by lightly loading a dry brush with paint and lightly stroking the surface. Once paint is loaded onto the brush, rub excess off with a rag and then apply. This will pick up the lines and stick’s textured nuances created by time and age. Leave some of the Gesso showing through in order to keep some of the natural feel.

TIP:  Wrap and tie string to mark areas that may be painted with accent colours or remain bare.
DISPLAY: Place in a vase or on the wall.  Wrap string or nylon threat around a section and hang on the wall.