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A wide variety of paint products, each with their own voice.
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Professional Level

Finest Quality Line

High Viscosity

The ability to hold extreme textures.

Finest Quality Line

Liquid Acrylics

Creamy consistency for glazing and fine detail.

Finest Quality Line

Low Viscosity

Very thin water-like consistency.

Finest Quality Line

Oil Colours

Modern and traditional pigments in a thick format.

Finest Quality Line


Free-flowing acrylic ink. Water permanent when dry.

Finest Quality Line

Paint Markers

Water permanent when dry. Formatted for control.

Finest Quality Line

Acrylic Mediums

Acrylic mediums to control lustre, viscosity, and texture.

Finest Quality Line

Oil Mediums

A wide range of traditional and unique mediums.

Finest Quality Line


Potent colours available in dry pans and liquid format.

What makes these F.Q. lines special?

Each colour has been formulated with the highest-grade pigments and binders to achieve the maximum concentration and colour strength. No fillers or extenders are used allowing for authentic pigment characteristics and colour chroma. The colour’s gloss, satin or matte finish as well as opacity and transparency will also be dictated by their pigment content. All colours have very good to excellent resistance to fading.

Developing Artist Level

Full-Body Acrylic


Handling of a professional level paint with a semi-gloss finish.

Permanent Acrylic Gouache

Art Noise

A liquid format acrylic. Colours all have a unified matte finish.

Printing Ink


Acrylic printing ink for block and screen printing.

Academic Level


Primary Liquid Acrylic

100% Acrylic emulsion to give paints adhesion to surfaces.


Primary Tempera

Superior flexibility without cracking or dusting.

Specialty Products

Decorative Fine-Art


Satin finish with a jewel-like effect.

Reflective Paint

Spectral Colour

Highly reflective, ideal for accenting fine art.

Pouring Paint

Liquid Glass

Ideal for mixing and glazing effects.

Poster Paint

UVFX Black Light

Glowing effects under ultraviolet light.

Additional Products

Studio Materials

Accessories and Surfaces

Beyond paints and into the studio.