Liquid Glass Pouring Medium and Finishing Resin - Tri-Art Mfg.
Liquid Glass - Tri-Art Mfg.
Liquid Glass - Tri-Art Mfg.
Liquid Glass - Tri-Art Mfg.
Liquid Glass - Tri-Art Mfg.
Liquid Glass - Tri-Art Mfg.
Liquid Glass - Tri-Art Mfg.
Liquid Glass - Tri-Art Mfg.

Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass Pouring Medium and Finishing Resin

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Introducing Liquid Glass - the artist's choice for a pristine, glass-like finish. Crafted with the utmost precision, this 100% acrylic polymer emulsion top coat stands as the quintessential alternative to two-part epoxy resins. Ideal for the finest of paintings, Liquid Glass guarantees to enhance the vibrancy and depth of your artwork, allowing every detail to gleam with unmatched clarity.

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Liquid Glass FAQ

Always test your methods and ensure compatibility of Liquid Glass with all materials.

Liquid Glass FAQ

Pouring Liquid Glass before the underlying acrylics cure can cause undesirable bubbling to occur underneath the surface of the Liquid Glass. This is because the acrylics underneath off-gas as they cure which creates these trapped bubbles. A curing period of probably 72 hours is recommended before applying Liquid Glass depending on the thickness of the paint.

Yes you can, and you can even paint in between these layers to create a really interesting layered effect. Please note the curing times that we advise between layers of roughly 72 hours depending on the thickness and humidity of your area to prevent any formation of bubbles.

We recommend avoiding application of Liquid Glass over any products that contain PVA or other water-resoluble resin like watercolours, wood glues, or spray paints. Liquid Glass can develop cracks in reaction with water-resoluble materials as these materials prematurely suck the moisture out of Liquid Glass causing an undesirable cracking effect. We recommend to test your methods before application to ensure that Liquid Glass is compatible with the materials that you are using.

Liquid Glass will typically be dry to the touch after 24 hours, however this could be affected by the humidity in your area. If you are under extreme humid conditions it could take much longer for Liquid Glass to dry. It should also be noted that while Liquid Glass might be dry to the touch it will cure and harden over time as additives cure out of the product.

See some steps below.

We don't recommend adding water to this product as it can greatly affect the glossiness and finish. Adding water can increase the chances that crazing will occur.

It is best to stick to traditional art material substrates like canvas, or wood panel. Liquid Glass is not a perfect alternative to two-part epoxy resin products so it may not be compatible to apply over every possible substrate. We recommend testing your method before moving on to final projects for different applications.

It is not food safe, please use liquid glass for decorative purposes only.

Liquid Glass can resist some heat but it is best not to use Liquid Glass for higher heat applications like trivets. Liquid Glass can withstand the heat of a hot coffee mug for example so can be good for coaster projects, but there is a chance that rings can develop on the surface.

Please contact us if your Liquid Glass has developed a strange consistency, or has developed "lumps". Liquid Glass might over time develop lumps which can negatively impact its performance. There are two ways that you can try and remove these lumps:

  1. shake the Liquid Glass container and the lumps may reincorporate into the liquid glass and act as normal
  2. you can use a strainer to filter these lumps out.

Why do these lumps develop? This seems to occur over time especially under high humid and heat conditions. While not a common occurrence but it seems to especially occur during hot Summer months.

As Liquid Glass is 100% acrylic polymer emulsion it is a completely UV stable product. There is nothing in Liquid Glass that will cause yellowing over time. If you experience yellowing there can be cases where a chemical reaction takes place between the substrate and the Liquid Glass, but this is not a common occurrence.

How to use Liquid Glass as a finish for your paintings.

Prepare Your Painting

Liquid Glass can be applied to any 100% acrylic painting. It is best suited for paintings that have been produced with other Tri-Art acrylic paint products as it can sometimes react negatively with products that are not manufactured by Tri-Art. Ensure your painting is on good quality canvas or wood panel.

(Optional) Tape the edges of your painting with masking tape so create a barrier with which to completely fill the surface if you do not want drips to form around the edges.

For Acrylic pouring technique and resin-like finishing

Incredible Versatility

Use Liquid Glass to create beautiful acrylic paint pours with an incredibly glossy finish, or use it as a top coat for your acrylic paintings. Liquid Glass as a pouring medium or top coat works best with other Tri-Art products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Great product. Fast shipping

Karen Diamond
I’m not sure???

I’m using the resin in a silicone mold & it’s taking along time to harden - 3 days so far. Does it need a UV light to harden faster? It didn’t say how long it would take on the bottle. I’m hopefully making it into necklaces.

Arpad Petrass
Great Product but

I just tried Liquid Glass for the first time and it really seems to have a lot of great possibilities. Shine is great. Dries quicker the resin.

My Challenge was putting it over a Photo Encaustic image (a flat image covered with wax) There we some bubbles that would not totally go away and the self leveling was not perfect. Since that was the first time i used it it may be my application error. I would love to have the company contact me to give me best practices for apply over wax.


Nai Sullivan
Dry time

It starts to dry a bit quickly. I don’t have much working time to make sure things are correct. Hoping my art piece is okay once I do another coat.

Elena Chelaru

I have received my items in good condition and I am very excited to use them.

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