Metallics is a specialty line of reflective jewel-like acrylic paints. They are lotion-like in consistency, making them aptly suited for fine details, accents, glazing or smooth layered applications. The colours dry to a deep velvety, pearlescent finish.  All may be mixed with other Tri-Art acrylic colours and mediums. Their formulation ensures they will not crack, flake or chip from surfaces. 



Spectral Colour is a specialty reflective paint in a selection of contemporary colours ideal for accenting any piece of fine art or design work. It is combination of highly reflective, epoxy coated mylar in an artist quality­-acrylic base. This ensures a flexible, highly adhesive paint that will not flake or shed as it ages.


Acrylic Paint Markers

Acrylic paint formatted for continued, even flow in a marker housing. They are available in a fine and broad nib for thin and wide distribution of colour.

Download the Paint Marker Manual