Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Liquid Mirror - Tri-Art Mfg.
Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Liquid Mirror - Tri-Art Mfg.

Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Liquid Mirror

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Pigment Description

Liquid Mirror is a Tri-Art specialty, the exact contents of which is our secret. Liquid Mirror is a brilliant silvery effect colour, leaning towards blue. Mixed with transparent colours it creates an incredible "gold leaf" effect.

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Customer Reviews

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Extremely Impressive Product

If "Mithril" was a paint, this would be it.

I'm using this product for an Airbrushing project and it's working fantastic. It is hard to use at first and requires quite a bit of experimentation and learning to get right, requiring approximately a 2:1:1 mixture with your preferred airbrush thinner and flow improver products (some adjustment needed), but the end product is unmatched once you're dialed in and spraying correctly. No noticeable smell or toxicity, but if you smell directly from the bottle, well I'd wear a mask of some kind while spraying in a good ventilated area anyway.

The incredible opaqueness of the finished result, combined with the absolutely positively brilliant sheen, gloss, and reflectiveness of the pigments, creates an unparalleled base layer paint that allows you to layer on colour after colour to achieve effects that's not really comparable or similar to other paint. The paint reflects light with no noticeable reduction in brightness, and it truly does just SHINE. While it's very hard to use and layer properly - once you figure out how to spray this on and achieve the pigments full potential, you'll end up with almost mirror-like surfaces that can be further painted on for even more incredible effects. And to be clear, it looks stunning, all on its own.

It dries soft and prone to damage if touched or handled, and definitely requires a quality acrylic gloss coat product to protect the end result, while also bringing out the full potential and brilliance of the pigments.

I feel I've only scratched the surface of what I can accomplish using this paint, and look forward to using more of it in the future!