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Lampshade Updo Redo

A simple updo for an old tired looking lamp shade.

This simple project will give your old lamp a brand new contemporary look.

We used the Art Noise acrylic colour line because the matte finish, lotion-like consistency and new range of colours in Art Noise make them ideal for this project. Here are some colours you might like that work well for this project:

A nice big flat 2" ​​brush is ideal to use for this project.


Prepare lamp shade by cleaning with a dry paint brush to remove excess dust and debris. 


Decide which edge of the lamp shade you would like to paint. It could be both edges.


Pour paint onto palette. Lightly load brush with colour and apply. Start at the edge and use downward fanning strokes with the flat, wide surface of the brush. Lightly lift brush from surface at the end of the stroke. You want to avoid sharp paint edges. 

Place the unpainted edge down  to dry.
Depending on the material and colour of the lampshade, a second coat may be needed.   

Now your masterpiece is ready to hang! Share yours with us on social media @triart.mfg

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