Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Interference Red - Tri-Art Mfg.
Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Interference Red - Tri-Art Mfg.

Tri-Art Low Viscosity - Interference Red

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Pigment Description

Interference red is pinkish, yellow-leaning red effect pigment.  In the same manner as peacock feathers, butterfly wings and beetle shells, interference colours utilize micro-structures to create stunning colour and light effects. Thin layers of iron oxide and titanium dioxide surrounding mica particles, internally refracting light to create iridescence and sparkle that will not fade with time. Colours are best viewed at oblique angles. 

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic interference paint and colour

Really happy with this paint. The interference effect is incredible and very noticeable. Tons of different ways to express this paint and colour by using different base colours and different lighting techniques.

Looks and behaves very differently whether painted over a white or a dark background. Paint is a very light shade of green when viewed at an angle when painted on a white background. Can layer interference paints over top one another to create very unique and brilliant effects.

Looks incredible when painted over a red background, but for the full interference effect you definitely want to paint over a white background.

The quality of the low-viscosity mixture is frankly perfect, amazing out of the bottle and easy to further thin or mix down to the exact consistency you need for your projects. The dropper bottle works really well - just make sure to unscrew the cap all the way while doing drops, as if it’s less than all the way loose you can end up with unwanted spurts of paint while trying to pour out drops.